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Patented Screeneze system screens,
offer exceptional visibility.
An inexpensive & safe way to
reclaim your outdoor living space!
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Outdoor areas are a homeowners' personal vacation getaway where entertainment meets relaxation and this movement can be seen across all age groups.

Many boomers are bucking the previous generation's trend of moving to age-segregated communities by staying in their homes. As a result, they are looking for ways to increase the comfort and pleasure of these spaces.

The movement to utilize a home's outdoor spaces is being lead by another generation of individuals born in the 60's, 70's and 80's. This generation are "maximizers" who want to get the most out of their homes, including the backyard, patios, balconies and porches. They want this space to be a place for family time, relaxation and entertainment.

For even younger age groups, sociability and lifestyle are the most important factors when choosing elements to add on to their homes. This makes the outdoor living space an essential feature in their home life.

As homeowners continue to spend more time in their outdoor spaces than ever before, it becomes more important to offer products that give them the flexibility, versatility, and modern aesthetic demanded from an outdoor room.

Screeneze systems and Clearview retractable screens are inexpensive and make achieving this goal easy with exceptional visibility.

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Listed below is the real value for your investment VS the typical metal screens

1- With the West Nile threat growing throughout Texas, this is an inexpensive way to reclaim your outdoor living space or playground.

2- Save over 50% from typical metal "framed in" screen systems.

3- Strong aluminum base and weather resistant vinyl cap.

4- Durable screen system. The SCREENEZE® system is stronger and more durable than current metal screen window systems. The screen is so flexible it retracts with the 67 pound sheetrock mud placed and removed after 3 weeks from the screen sample. (As seen below)

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5- Various sizes available- In the various photos below show the screen sizes as large as Ten (10') High x Twenty (20') feet in Length, and we can cover larger spaces.

6- Three (3) neutral colors, white, sand & bronze.

7- Ten (10) year limited warranty.

8- Installed by expert craftsmen.

We offer a heavy screen system for children and pets called Super Screen®

After a 7 year weathering test, Super Screen® lost only 1% of original strength! It is virtually unaffected by sun exposure and age. This equates to a 10 year or more lifespan!

Super Screen® The UV tolerant properties of Super Screen® eliminate fading, flaking and brittleness. And, being incredibly strong.

Super Screen® clearest viewing for protection from mosquitoes and from the smallest insects while still maintaining a view with little to no distortion.
Super Screen® blocks 40% of suns UV rays.

Super Screen® is compounded with a biocide that resists bacteria, fungus and mildew growth. This yields longer lasting beauty from the fabric and the only screen that is truly fade and tear proof!

Super Screen® is nearly indestructible. When we visit your home or office, we will demonstrate its strength and durability to you.


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Custom screen doors, screen Retractable doors, screen French doors, screen Patios, screen porches, and screen windows in the dallas, Ft Worth, dfw, area. Patented Screeneze system screens, offer exceptional visibility. An inexpensive & safe way to reclaim your outdoor living space!
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